Empower, Educate and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities

Empower, Educate women and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities 

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At Zsquare4theCure, we believe that knowledge is power and we also believe that educating a woman is educating a village. Lisette Zounon Biekre, witnessed first-hand, the struggle and trivia her mother went through after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The lack of information and resources about this silent deadly disease, in most West African rural communities, and the facts that breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer among black women of African descent are the reasons that led to the creation of Zsquare4theCure foundation.

Zsquare4theCure, is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer in West Africa, among black women, especially African descendants in Benin, Togo, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa) and women in rural communities in particular. Our goal is to empower and educate women about breast cancer and eradicate taboos, misconceptions and myths surrounding the disease.

With our efforts on empowering and educating women, we can help women get early breast cancer detection, as well as get those diagnosed with the disease the treatments needed. By acquiring better knowledge and understanding of breast cancer, we believe that the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of Africans toward breast cancer in West Africa can get better. Zsquare4theCure, is also committed to partnering with scientists, research groups and physicians invested in finding a cure for the disease. We believe that by doing all of these, we can help ultimately eradicate the social taboos surrounding breast cancer by providing treatments and latest research information about the cure to show that breast cancer is not a death sentence and that there is life after breast cancer.

In this regard, Zsquare4theCure, will be holding projects and events in the form of breast cancer awareness and screening campaigns and parties to raise and celebrate awareness of breast cancer in West African communities. We will be providing facts, educative materials and prevention tips about breast cancer. As we know, no organization can prosper without collaboration with other organizations. We will partner up with other charitable organizations in United States, in Africa and around the world. To help us in our effort of fighting and eradicating breast cancer in West Africa, we ask you to get involved actively in our projects and events, shop in our Zsq-Store and mostly help us with your  donations.

Together we can beat cancer, one breast cancer at the time.

 Let's do this!