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 Pamper Thy Self Mobile app Project proposal 



The objective of the project is to create an mobile application called PTS ( Pamper Thy Self)  . We want to used this PTS  across our documentation and project.


The main goal of the project will be to create a mobile application on IOS device , that will be an app from our organization , which we will use to generate revenue for our non for profit organization Zsquare4theCure.


The solution we are proposing for this application PTS , is a platform similar to Uber platform where there is the client interface portion of the platform and then the professional interface portion . In the case of PTS , this is a platform that connect beauty professionals with potential clients . In a nutshell , professional such as a nail technician , a hair dresser , or a massage therapist will log in and provide their availability on a calendar . A client , typically somebody at home or at the hospital that does not want to drive or cannot drive will login into the mobile app and schedule a service from one of our professional . The client will pay for the service via our mobile app so no money exchange when the service is rendered.

Project Outline

The PTS mobile app will be separated in five parts to make it easier for implementation as well as delivery :

1- Registration 

2- Matching System 

3- Notification Commutation 

4- Client data  and professional Data 

5- Ratings and Gift Card 


Both user types of the PTS mobile app, will need to login into the app . Login in the system will be done with email and a password . We can also use a Facebook user login to facilitate registration in our system .

Matching system 

This is an important component for the PTS app.  This component is the key part in matching the client  to the beautician professional about the main service available on the app ( nail , pedicure and massage). The matching system will check the professional availability with calendar and time request from the client based on the area covered by the application.

Notification communication 

Both Users types of the PTS mobile app,  client and professional will receive notification via IOS Push notification .

The client can request service and the matching system will confirm the service availability and appointment via a Push nnotification , then send information via email for service confirmation and receipt after payment reception .

Client Data and Professional Data 

For the Client  , We will collect the following data for registration 

  • first name 
  • last name 
  • email 
  • phone number 
  • payment info and address to verify credit card information or Paypal login info 

For the professional , we will collect the following data for registration and for the service .

  • first name 
  • last name 
  • email 
  • phone number 
  • professional service to render : Nail , Pedicure or Massage 
  • license information for profession 
  • any valid information to verify profession
  • payment reception info or paypal login info 
  • rating information 

Payment System 

This is an important part of the PTS mobile app . We will be heavily relying on a cashless system . Our goal to make the transaction between the client and the professional a pleasant and safe experience . Therefore the payment will primarily be made initially thru Paypal then with Apple pay , and later with Credit cards to accommodate  the PCI compliancy for payment via credit card system .

Each service provided by professional will have a regulated price set by the PTS apps no matter what professional render the service . This will allow the client to know the price of the service prior to scheduling the service and pay for the service when the appointment is confirmed .

Rating and Gift Card

The rating is an important component of the PTS mobile app, because it provide value and continuity of service to the credibility of the professional and an easy referral for the next service. The professional with the higher rating will have more service request . The rating will be selected from  1 to 10 . When a professional average rating fail below 5 , the professional will be drop from rendering service on our app . We want to bring the upmost value to our clients , because our goal is to not only provide basic service to them , but also to lift their spirit with  a quality service.

We will also implement a gift card portion, where client or anyone not even register on our mobile app can purchase gift card for any client to use our mobile app.  The idea behind is that you can send a gift card to a family member at the hospital to get a PTS gift just to bring a smile in their face or to lift their spirit .

PTS mobile apps Strategy 

Our strategy in developing the PTS mobile apps is to mainly lay out all the features we can envision the complete app to have , all defined in this document thus far .  The strategy is also to decide out of these features what is the minimum  viable product we can quickly design and implement so that we can test our assumptions in the market place .  As the definition of MVP from the lean start up author , Eric Ries states "The minimal viable product allows team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort ". 

 With an MVP , we will launch with few professionals locally and open it for client to test how the product is being received and collect feedback from our early clients . Then we will continue to add those new feedbacks to our product roadmap . We will also use our MVP experience to look for additional funding to create a more stable , beautiful PTS mobile app with all the envision features to delight our early and new customers . We will continue to monitor for improvements requests from our users post launch of our MVP and final product and incorporate to make the PTS mobile app a better experience to meet it initial goal as a service and platform to lift spirit of client not able to access a professional for the service we render .  The MVP will become the foundation for subsequent future releases , so we can add and improve as we move on .

Our deliverables plan will be as follow :

  • MVP feature list and implementation 
  • Roadmap updated with feedback from early adopters and beta testers 
  • Task flow diagram 
  • System overview 
  • UX design for better apps experience 
  • Engineering design for better functionality of feature 

PTS Fee Structure and Revenue gain 

The PTS mobile app will obtain it revenue from the service as a platform that connect the professional to a client that need their service . We will collect 10% from the service price paid rendered by the professional every time a service transaction occurs . The professional will be paid weekly at first for the service render or automatically later once the user provide a review above 5 to the professional . The regulated price will exclude tip and local tax .

Marketing and Customer acquisition 

After delivering the MVP , this will be the most important task for our apps in obtaining client and professional . Our strategy will be to start locally in one location , by signing up professional for the service we like to render . Then open the apps for a small set of user based thru the apps store for a limited time as a beta users . 

We will then start a marketing campaign thru various outlets based on our primarily budget to create an awareness about the PTS apps . We will create contact with local hospital thru our gift card program to allow them to inform their patients about our apps and service we are ready to provide them with our professional .

PTS Mobile apps ambition 

With the PTS mobile apps , our goal is to be a simple platform that use technology to connect a beauty professional with a client that is not able to go to the beauty salon for several reasons such as health or mobility issues. Our ambition is to bring smile and lift the spirit of the client that receive the service of one of our professional and leave with a great satisfaction that even if there cannot go the salon , the salon minimum experience come to them at the hospital or at home . Our ambition is to be local and also have international presence wherever the law allow professional and client to use our platform to connect .

PTS Minimum Viable Product -MVP

The goal with the MVP is to create a small set of our PTS system that can quickly arrive on the market place , be use by our early customers and beta testers and to test our assumption . 

The following features will be present in our MVP:

Registration :  We will implement the basic registration , where the client login via Facebook into our apps using their email and password from facebook . For the professional , we will collect data on their service to provide and necessary documents and license to validate their professional status . We will also have a payment system saved for the professional via Paypal to pay them everywhere if any service was rendered .

Matching System : We will use a calendar to obtain the schedule availability of the professional as well as the service they can provide . When the client request a service , we will ask them for the date, time and location of the service . Our system will then query our professional information to see which professional service is available to accept the service request . Once there is a match , the client get a confirmation of the service with the professional information and the payment is automatically collected . The professional is also notify to inform them of a new service request waiting .

Notification : 

We will implement the IOS push notification and email system to notify the client and the professional of a match when a service is requested . 

We will also inform the Client , when payment is successfully processed , and send a receipt of service via email . We will inform the professional via Push notification and email that a service request is waiting for them . Once the user send their rating , the professional will be notified of their rating and when payment will arrive in their account .

Payment system : We will use the Paypal payment for our first stage of implementation . Paypal to collect payment from the client and Paypal to pay the Professional when the User provide a rating above 5 .

Client data and professional data : For this phase , the minim information will be collected from the client , Login information and location for service request . From the professional , we will collect information about the license and document to prove their profession , as well as the Paypal information to pay them 

Rating and Gift card : We will send a rating request to the client after the professional respond that service was rendered , one of the five stages the service request can be in . The rating will be on the scale from 1 to 10 . The User will be prompted to rate their service experience . The professional will only receive payment for a service rating above 5.  Here are the five levels of service stage  :

  • Service Requested : When the client first select a service and request it with a date , time and location via PTS
  • Service Accepted : When the PTS receive and validate the client information as well as their payment information 
  • Service Scheduled : When the PTS match the service request with a professional , based on Time , date ,location and service requested . A notification is sent to both the Client for the service schedule , a payment is processed . Once the payment is processed , the professional is notified by the PTS and email that a service is requested and need confirmation for rendering . 
  • Service Rendered : once the service is rendered , the professional updated the status to service rendered, with a note session  , which quick the Client to provide a review via the rating system . If the client send a rating above 5 , the payment is queue for the professional and paid at the end of the week on Sunday . The transaction is then complemented. 
  • Service Paid : A stage to indicate that the professional was paid for service provided thru the PTS because of a rating above 5 . If the professional receive a rating below 5 , they will be no payment and the Client , will be reimbursed 50% of their service price .

PTS implementation budget 

The initial estimation of budget will be in 3 phases. In the first phase , we will use intern to create the MVP PTS apps based on the feature listed above . Based on the success rate of the intern , we will invest into an mobile app developer that will take on the task of finishing the MVP at a reduced cost . The last stage will be after the MVP concept is proven , and tested in the market place with few early users and beta testers .

The cost provided is based on development and design time estimated at 600 hours total time divided the following for the 2nd phase with an experienced mobile app developer :

Registration 50 hours 

Matching 150 hours 

Notification 100 hours 

Payment system 50 hours 

Client and professional Data 50 hours 

Rating and gift card  150 hours 

Design and Dashboard for reporting 50 hours 


On average a mobile app developer based on their experience will charge between $15 to $20 an hour for a mobile app development , therefore the initial budget request is $10,000 to $12, 000 that will be paid weekly for 30 hours  a week for 20 weeks at $600 each week .

PTS Financial projection and estimation 

 As any financial plan, we need to discuss how the revenue collection will occur to help pay back our initial investment.

On average , each service will cost between $30-50 . Our Fee will be between $3 -$5 based on 10% collection.

For our forecast , on Phase 1 on the MVP , we will reach about 30 clients and 10 professionals a week , and ensure that we get 10 service transaction a week , that will be about $30 to $50 in revenue the first week .

Each new week , we will increase with advertisement, our users based to 2X , then 3X , then 4 X , each week, to each month . For the first month , our projected revenue , based on service transaction will be : $120 -$200 for 40 transactions . We also projected that we will double for each month in our first year as we ramp up our marketing and acquire more customers . So in our 3rd months , we project our revenue will be $560 -$1600 .   And the grown will continue into the first year to provide a revenue stream of growth for the apps , but also to be able to pay back investment or to reinvest in partnership with hospital and local and international organization .

PTS Marketing Future partnership

We will present our MVP apps to organization like Suzy G komen , where they can use it as part of their annual walk in multiple city , either via a discount code  or raffle for them to use our service at camp during 3 day walk or send it to any family member going thru cancer treatment across the location we will be serving .

We will also partner with hospital and advertise with them to get the word out about the PTS apps  . 

We will also have spot advertisement at mall and public place about the PTS apps or with beauty salon where professional have partner with our apps for service .

We are currently looking for investors to join us in this project . To contact us click here