Empower, Educate and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities

Empower, Educate women and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities 

Lisette is an experienced and successful expert software quality Leader with a degree in computer engineering, has worked for companies such as Apple Computer, Nortel , Yahoo and currently  for The American Heart Association in the United States. 

Lisette is a proven leader, an active and dedicated member in various professional organizations such as SWE, NSBE, WIT and non-profit organizations where she holds numerous leadership roles on their board of directors.

Breast Cancer is a personal issue to Lisette, as her mother is a breast cancer's survivor, making breast cancer a cause close to home and dear to her heart.  She is very passionate about this cause and is dedicated and determined to provide women with informations and preventive tips about breast cancer.  

She believes that by empowering and educating women in rural communities in Africa, we can help reduce the rate of women dying from breast cancer and by extension solve many other issues in Africa. As the saying goes when you educate a woman, you educate a village. Lisette is the founder and the President of  Zsquare4theCure foundation.

Gisele is an experienced and successful finance manager for various non-profit organizations. Ms G. Vedogbeton obtained a Master’s degree in Finance at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Management at the Institut Supérieur of Management respectively in Dakar, Sénégal. She has nearly 10 years of experience in Accounting and Finance, with working knowledge in both languages (English & French).

She has a proven expertise in managing the budget, the finances and the procurement of several country programs with multiple donors funding including FAO, USAID, UNHCR, CIDA and NORAD. Skilled in the areas of analytical and results-oriented actions, she has led multicultural diverse and financial management supporting achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives.

She has a passion for helping people in needs as she has been well versed working with various groups of underrepresented, underserved children, women and adults. As soon as I introduce Gisele to our project, she jumps onboard and we are very pleased and excited to have a finance manager that not only care about the numbers but believe in the cause. Gisele serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

Amele is a proud mom, with an excellent operational management experience. She has an associate degree in accounting and management at ESIBA (Togo) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at MSU (Murray, Kentucky). She held administrative positions in various private companies and government agencies. 

She volunteered in building houses in Jacksonville (Florida) for Habitat for Humanity after raising fund. She is a terrific business owner, works at fast paced with conviction, determination and devotion. Breast cancer is a cause close to home and dear to Amele as her dear step-mother, the woman who raised her and taught her values, principles and life's lessons, lost her battle to breast cancer few years ago. 
She has been the most reliable person that allows this foundation to see the day. Amele serves as the Corporate Secretary and Operation Manager.