Empower, Educate and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities

Empower, Educate women and Eradicate breast cancer in West African communities 

 1- Educational seminar on breast cancer 
  •  An open discussion with young professional female about breast cancer.
  • Watch a  15-20 min video on general information about the pathologies of breast cancer .
  • Panel discussion with  gynecologists, breast cancer patients, survivors and co-survivors.
  • Sell  several pink items 
  • Goal : provide information to lift  the social taboo surrounding breast cancer. 

 2- Visit  a clinic/ hospital in one rural community

  • Engage women about breast cancer risks.
  • Set up a pilot program on  how our organization can help.
  • Provide women with tips on preventing breast cancer .
  • Goal : provide information to lift  the social taboo surrounding breast cancer.

  3- Visit breast care foundation in Ghana

  • Collaborate with another breast cancer foundation in Ghana.

  4- Case study about breast cancer in Benin

  • Visit various hospitals, clinics and  health centers to collect data about facts for breast cancer in Benin and cost of treatments.
  • Collaborate with leading gynecologists in treatment center to continue our mission.
  • Form a partnership to organize the 1st ever race for the cure event in Benin by end of 2014.